Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vacation is over, you rotten shark!

No, I stil haven't started writing in a diary, so I'm probably forgetting half of the things again.
Last Saturday we were at the Fleamarket of Reykjavík, Kolaportið. It's down by the harbour and only open on weekends. You can get there secondhand clothing, lopapeysas too, and fresh fish! And the infamous rotten shark. Since one is in Iceland one has of course to try that delicates….it's disgusting. It is not as disgusting as you might think it is but it is disgusting. First you think "Oh, this isn't that bad" and then it just hits you. And the taste stays then in your month, for at least half an hour. Joy. 
Here you have the rotten shark and the market.
I did buy then some fresh (amazing) fish for only like 3e/200g. :)
While I was buying that fish and waiting to be my turn to pay (there was a line), the clerk turned suddenly to the other side of the stall and cashed the waiting customers there. I didn't mind since it was really busy and just started slowly walking to the other side of the stall. But an old Icelandic lady saw that who had been looking at the fish right next to me and fussed at the clerk angrily (in Icelandic) for not serving me first. It was cute. haha

Other big news: Vacation is over! Classes started for me today finally and first I was thinking "Nah, even though the course says 10 Credits, they can't be that much work". Well, they are. Only for my American Novel class I have to read 8 novels and write 4 essays about them, each 5-7 pages! Vacation is definitely over and I guess this means that I actually have to do some work now again and can't be the lazy bum I have been for the past week. :'D
Classes seemed at least really interesting but I do understand now why you can't even register here for more than 40 Credits….

And a funny story for the end:
I was yesterday at the university's bookstore and bought my Icelandic language books. They are called "Learning Icelandic". It's written in huge letters over those books. But the person at the counter was just happily talking in Icelandic to me (Anything else? Do you want a bag? Do you want the receipt?). Dude, look at the books I'm giving you! Do I look like I'm just buying them for fun? (Well, I am learning Icelandic for fun, but…). I just found it funny. :)

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