Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I suck at uploading pictures to my blog...

Last week was eventful. So therefore I am now pretty bored because this week feels to empty. haha
I tried on Wednesday with some housemates the Icelandic Brennvin. It's also called "Black Death", which is funny, because it's neither black nor am I dead. But I got drunk, though managed without a hangover. So that drink isn't really bad nor does it have a special distinguishable taste (sorry Icelanders), but I still like it.
Friday I went to a "science field trip" from the English student union here at Arion Banki (a bank). Icelandic companies will invite students to visit them on a Friday evening and advertise themselves on them in order to win new customers, employees or potential partners in the future. In exchange the students get free booze and food (pizza!). There was an one hour long presentation going on about the bank....in Icelandic. I was so bored that I started translating the easy Icelandic words on my Coke bottle. I know now what "calorie" is in Icelandic. :D But else it was nice.
The next day I and my housemates had then our big Golden Circle road trip! After some issues with the car rental company for an hour in the morning we finally got ourselves to squeeze into a van. 7 girls in one van and we did great!

The Golden Circle is an about 300km long route outside of Reykjavík and offers some big attractions. It's obviously very popular for tourists but we were lucky and only the Geysir was flooded with tourists. I really don't wanna see that place during the summer. We went counter clockwise as opposed most people do it and saw first the little town Selfoss and then the Geysir. The actual Geysir doesn't erupt anymore on a frequent regular basis but there was a smaller one right next to it which blows up about all 10 minutes. It looked really nice, but too many tourists there. Next stop was the Gulfoss waterfall and that one is just amazing! It was halfway frozen and you had this incredible power of the waterfall down there, the small canyon and just Icelandic nature around you. I could have stayed there longer if my legs hadn't started to turn into icicles as well. Our last stop was then the Þingvellir National Park. The sun was setting so we had our breath taken away like every other minute. Iceland just keeps topping itself over and over! Yea, we already know that you are freaking awesome! No need to show off more! But Iceland has a tendency to do that.... I will definitely come back to hike in the park and take a look at the town there where the first parliament in the world was formed. Yes, the savage Vikings actually formed the very first parliament of the world around 1000AD in Iceland. There is of course nothing left of it anymore but as an example in 1944 (yell at me if I got this wrong) the Icelandic people announced their independence of Denmark there and not at the parliament in Reykjavík, so it's still an important place, sort of.
We saw the continental divide there too (some liked it way too much) which is impressive when you think about it that you are this very exact moment standing on the European AND the American continental plate at the same time. Further more those plates keep on drifting apart and Iceland actually grows each year by about 5cm. Iceland is taking over the world! In like 100 million years.......

After this exciting day we got home and I was planning on resting and proposing drinks for the evening but my housemates had other plans! I actually was walked into a surprise birthday party! How lovely are my housemates?! Like the best ones in the world, I'm calling dips on that. They are the best ones in the world, really. We had good neighbourhood pizza, delicious happy pink chocolate cake and even got a small gift, which was the best gift ever! It's a magnet with an old Icelandic picture of sheep running through the Icelandic landscape, all in black and white. So this was overall just an amazing birthday and so many thanks again to the greatest housemates in the world! Couldn't have wished for better ones! :)


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