Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bye bye planned learning agreement and swimming outside

A lot has happened and because of my amazing memory I have forgotten half of it already! (A diary might be a good idea)
This week we had Monday the orientation meeting for the exchange students, there was the usual unnecessary bla. But the Háskóli Íslands has right now 1100 exchange student!!! That makes 8% of the whole student population, but this spring only like 100 arrived?
Some of my housemates already had classes this week since we got our Kennitala (hihi, ID number), passwords for the university and had the chance to register for classes. My classes don't start until next week but I changed my planned learning agreement completely and this is the new plan:
- Vocabulary 1 (Icelandic language course) (10 ECTS)
- Icelandic Nature and Culture Legacy (10 ECTS)
- British Society, History and Culture (5 ECTS)
- The American Novel (10 ECTS)
So with this I get my 35 credits. The classes sound like fun. For the Nature and Culture Legacy course we'll be actually going on small field trips. :)

The Icelanders like firework a lot. They have been shooting them off each night so far, even right now some neighbour just let some explode (it's 2:30pm). So I guess they'll have them used up until next new year's eve and then stock up again? :D

Yesterday I was as well with my housemates swimming in the outdoor swimming pool Vesturbaejarlaug (now say that 3 times in a row fast). The water was warm and they had 4 hot tups with much warmer water where you were able just to relax. It was really nice and great looking at the stars at the same time. It relaxes you, like the sauna. :)

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