Sunday, January 26, 2014

Testicles, hopefulness and penises

The title is lovely, isn't it? :)
So this week wasn't as uneventful as I thought it would be. You never get truly bored here!
On Thursday I went on a spontaneous trip to the Blue Lagoon with two of my housemates, a classmates and his visitor. The Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon in a lava field close to Grindavík, about 40min by car from Reykjavík. It's called Blue Lagoon because the water is blue, obviously. It's said to have positive effects on the skin because it's full of silica and sulphur (silica gives it the blueish color). It was actually very nice and relaxing just to swim in the water. You had the wild nature around you and even had the chance to buy smoothies by the bar in the water. We spent I think two hours in the water where we got at one point, while goofing off with the little bridges over the water, the object of some woman's camera. The camera actually looked kinda decent and she was having huge blast taking pictures of us. I asked her if it was possible to see the pictures she said it's not since she's leaving the next day for New York. So maybe one day we'll find ourselves in some art pictures in a gallery somewhere in the world! :D

On Friday was an event by ESN Reykjavík where they served traditional Icelandic food. You know, the Vikings had a really nice time for the first 200 years in Iceland, it was fruitful, full of trees and here was actually some decent agriculture. But then they kinda used too many trees and a mini ice age hit Iceland in the 13th century so it wasn't such a pleasant place to be at anymore and they had to eat whatever moved and ALL of it, since there wasn't much left anymore on a godforsaken island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean (how did anybody of them ever think that this was a great idea?). So now traditional Icelandic food consists of rotten shark, whale, sheep testicles, sheep heads, smoked sheep and blood sausages etc. I tried all of them, except the whale. And I already had the rotten shark before so I didn't want to do that again my senses. The sheep testicles were disgusting, I found the sheep head actually even more disgusting, smoked lamp was pretty good, so were all the different kinds of bread. I loved the blood sausage and the sweets of course. My German housemate couldn't even eat the blood sausage she found it so disgusting and you can guess how my French housemate felt about the food. ;)

After that I ended up first trying to find a decent party going on in town for two hours with the girlfriend of one of my housemates but in Iceland one really shouldn't bother going out before midnight. It's empty! Nobody there! Icelandic people start coming in to town with their big cars and causing traffic at Laugavegur around 1am and at 2am they will be in the bars. The bars close all at 4am or 5am. Makes sense.....right?....right? I had a nice night anyway. I ended up in Danske Kro where a live band was playing. Though here are EVERYWHERE live bands playing all the time, this is really an artistic nation, they are like weed, just freaking everywhere. After that I was in b5, apparently THE CLUB to be in Reykjavík. Well, it was small. But there was music you could somehow dance to. I have to say I liked the nightlife here (except for the part where you don't show your face in the bars until 1 or 2am). The people are so easygoing here, just happily singing with the live bands (and the live bands are a plus too because they are actually good!), talking to everybody and being drunk but not in an aggressive way as in Finland. Example, I was waiting in line for the toilet in a bar (Hresso) and some Icelandic girl just randomly started talking to me! After she found out that I don't speak Icelandic she just continued chitchatting to me in English. Would that ever happen in Finland? Hell will freeze before that. :D
At Danske Kro I was waiting in line for the restroom again (ok, maybe Icelanders just like to talk while in line for restrooms?):
Icelandic guy: "*says something in Icelandic*"
Me: "Sorry, ég tala ekki íslensku." (I don't speak Icelandic)
Icelandic guy: "Oh, ok!.......You are cute!" *and just walks away* 
Just like that! I love it! The Icelanders are as random as their way of deciding where to built their houses or what color to paint them in. :)

Today I took a nice long walk with one of my housemates trying to find the lighthouse somewhere. We never made it actually to the lighthouse since we took the long but beautiful zic-zac way and were too tired to walk the last 1-2km to the lighthouse. But it was so wonderful just walking right by the sea, hear the majestic waves hit the shore, touch the black sand and look into the big world. It made you feel tiny, powerless and lonely but at the same time hopeful. Yes, I'm weird like that. You see just the big wide Atlantic in front of you and you see how small you are on this earth. It makes you wonder how lonely the Vikings must have felt when first arriving here, abandoned in a small island somewhere in the world but full of hope for a better life there. Just hoping that they will survive and thrive one day. Maybe that's why the houses are so colorful? To show some hope and joy for life in a place where you might not expect it. I really love Iceland.

Then we went as well to the Phallological Museum! A museum dedicated to penises! .... And that is it, a museum with penises. They had a whole bunch of penises of different animals and some casts of human ones and even a real (I must say small) human one. It was just weird...I still don't understand it how somebody could come up with the idea of it and why I was so stupid paying entrance to it.
There is really not much to say about's a place full of penises. And this is probably the most amount of times I've used the word "penis" in a piece of writing. I as well hope the last time...

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