Saturday, January 4, 2014

The hobbit has arrived in Middle Earth

New years went by with an incredible party amongst friends and suddenly after a rainy night in Oslo I found myself in Reykjavik.
And I have to say: I LOVE it! Everybody told me to please come back from Iceland in the spring and I thought "Come on, of course I will."….yea, that's cancelled. Just kidding, still planning to come back of course in the spring. Before actually coming here I heard all those people just being so excited about Iceland, telling me how amazing it is and how I will love the country, but I wasn't quite convinced. Because it sounded too good to be true, no place can be THAT great, but I do understand those people now completely! The landscapes are breathtaking, just already the drive from Keflavik to Reykjavik is worth the money you payed. You just sit there for 50km in a bus and drive through lavafields right next to the sea and behind the see are mountains.
During my first two days now I've met a couple of my housemates, walked through the city, went to Hallgrimskirkja and was just stunned by everything. And today I bought myself a lopapeysa, the traditional Icelandic wool sweater. I bought it from Thorvaldsens Bazar. It's I think the cheapest and best way to buy a lopapeysa (except for fleamarkets). The Thorvaldsens bazar is special for it being the oldest store in Reykjavik, since 1903. And second is because volunteers make those lopapeysas and all the money goes into charity, mainly children in need. I rather see my money go to people who really need it than to some greedy tourist stores.
The house I live in is great too. Only about 200m away form Hallgrimskirkja, right next to Laugavegur, the main street of Reykjavik, you can see over the whole city and only about 1km away from the university. The house is cute, with a bunch of rooms over 4 floors. I'm the monster in the basement and the others live actually all upstairs. So now I'm the hobbit in a whole in the ground because I have to climb down some really steep stairs to get to my room. A hobbit in Middle Earth therefore! :)

And this i getting long, so let's make the rest short: Was at Perlan too (the music house), which is just beautiful, will have to go to concerts there. It is really windy here, especially if you are not on the streets protected by houses. The weather has been great, the prices are the same as in Finland. Icelandic people are really stylish (and here I come in hiking boots, jeans and t-shirts….) and seem nice and open.

More later. And pictures later too, maybe.

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