Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spank that ass!

Let's start with the bad news first:
- My tonsillitis seems to come back for a second round. Throat hurts again and a cough is starting...I will try to fight it with house remedies over the weekend, if it doesn't help then we'll have another visit to the doctor.
- We had beautiful spring last week, warm sunny weather (+5°C even), everything was good. I woke up this morning and everything was covered in snow and it keeps on snowing right now. Farewell spring, hello winter!

What I forgot to mention in my last post was that I had been to a movie theater here. It was the one from the university but everybody seems to use it. I watched August: Osage County with one of my housemates who I dragged in there. In the beginning it was fun just to watch the commercials and most of the time have no idea what they are trying to advertise. And Icelanders now how movie theater should be built: Everyone can rest their arms on their sides because there is actually enough space for two arms to be right next to each other, you don't have to fight with your neighbour about them. They also have intermissions during movies here, something I only know from Switzerland.

This weeks has started in the most awesome way for Icelandic children. On Monday it was Bolludag. It means like Bun/Cream puff day. It's a tradition that the children wake their parents early in the morning shouting "bollu, bollu, bollu" and spank them on their ass. They even make Bun day paddles at school that they decorate so they can spank people with a pretty paddle on their asses. Each time the child manages to spank someone's ass they actually get one of those traditional cream buns they sell on this special day. I find that rather weird. :D But hey, you get to spank people once a year and get even rewarded for it! Oh yea, the cream buns are really similar to the laskiaispullat in Finland, also filled with cream and jam. But the bun is different and it's covered in chocolate.
the soup with bullas :)
On Tuesday the fun continues for the children, it's officially Sprengidag, which means Bursting Day. You eat a traditional and really salty pea-sheep soup. They came up with that because it's the last chance to eat meat before the fasting begins. But on sprengidag you have all the children running around and throwing around those tiny ball explosives that all children love. Plus at the end of the evening some have a few fingers less on their hands... I went last night to an ESN event where they served this pea-sheep soup and bollus. The bollus are great. ;) And then had a lovely time over real strawberry tea (there where real dried strawberries!) with a friend in Tiu Dropar. :)
The fun is still not over for the children. I don't know the name of this day today but today the children have to dress up, sing songs to strangers and receive candy. It's like Halloween in the US or that Easter thing in Finland. So this week must have been great so far for all the children here.
Last night I actually became the proud owner of a ticket to a concert here in two weeks where in one evening Björk, Of Monsters and Men, Lykke Li, Patti Smith, Samaris and other Icelandic bands will perform. I am excited!
And this is actually it for today! You find a picture of my sleeve I've started knitting and African Icelandic pop music by Retro Stefson. 

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