Thursday, March 27, 2014

Accidents happen (Part 3)

Morning walk from our cottage by the beach
After sleeping with the lights on in the bathroom all night long we woke up early in the morning to a beautiful view to the black beaches and some of us took a quick walk down by the shore before breakfast. After we got our stomachs filled with some good food and started packing everything up one of my friends saw that a pen had committed suicide in her back bag. Luckily it had been wrapped around some tissues, so there wasn't too much off a mess. We then cleaned the kitchen and when everything seemed to be ready we suddenly saw a blue stain on the white table that hadn't been there before. My friend had put the, as she thought dry stained blue, tissue on the it turns out, it wasn't dry and the table was one of that shitty material which just absorbs all the stains and colors it can get into it. And there were no decent cleaning supplies in the cottage. Oh ou. We tried it then with house remedies as coconut butter, salt and toothpaste. We got creative and non of it worked. On the one end of the table, opposite to the stain, was a fake plant and two decorative little candle holders, we then just decided to turn the table around so we could put the plant and candle holders over it. They covered the stain actually quite well but we decided to leave a note to the owner anyway telling him what happened and how sorry we were. Until today we have not heard from him. :D
We then finally got to hit the road again to Vík since I had to look for a sweater (not myself) and it turned into a small shopping spree for all of us. I didn't find a sweater but found a new hat, headband and hiking socks. The others found socks as well, hats and even a wool poncho. That was successful.
Then it was time to go towards home, Reykjavík, but with a stop in Dyrhólaey. Where our accidents continued to happen and we crashed an engagement proposal by accident... As we got out of the car we saw a couple standing lovey-dovey on the cliffs looking at each other. I think it was me who threw the joke that he's proposing and we are crashing it. While happily and with lots of noise of course walking over there we suddenly realised: "Holy cow! He really just proposed to her!" Well, she got a pretty ring and they then asked us to take a picture of them. So maybe it was good that we were there? After that little episode the couple disappeared somewhere down to the shore and we continued having fun. We took pictures, tried to hike but were stopped by bird nesting signs and then played around by the sea shore. The others took a nice nap on the millions of round stones and I climbed on to one of the small cliffs that actually had gotten rounder with the water. That place just stays one of my favorite places in Iceland. :)
We then continued driving towards home and stopped at the water falls Skógafoss and Seljalandfoss. At the first one you have a huge stairway going right next to the waterfall and I had to skip it for my knee having a bitchy day. But I then just had lunch in the car and looked at my pictures while waiting for the others. At Seljalandfoss we got freaked out by the huge icicles hanging over the path and decided not go behind it. We then tried to find the "Ghost waterfall" near by and thought we had found it but as it turned out later, no we didn't! :D  When we left the waterfalls we drove happily down the road and I was slightly suspicious why the surroundings didn't look so familiar until we found ourselves suddenly on a gravel road and we knew we weren't anymore on Route 1 (Ringroad, only big road in Iceland). So we turned around and found the road again. We accomplished that too: We got lost off the ring road, that's really not an easy thing to do here.
The journey continued then to eat some nice pizza in a town between Selfoss and Vík. In Selfoss we then stopped at our favorite cafe with some of the best cakes in the world. And our stomachs were definitely full after it. Unfortunately the weather had been rather snowy and windy all day and we found ourselves on the infamous mountain between Hverargerđi and Reykjavík, we were in the middle of a snowstorm. The road was not visible anymore and we only saw about 3m ahead. I wasn't driving at that point, luckily. But we then continued bravely at a speed between 40-60km/h, because just stopping wasn't really an option. :D  Icelanders actually kept on passing us but not as many as usually, so the conditions were really bad. But we also got out of that one and arrived safe and sound in Reykjavik. Though this was most likely the longest it has taken me to go over that mountain.

This is the end of this great trip. Now my face will go meet my pillow and you can enjoy Ásgeirs cover version of Heart-shaped box!

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