Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blood on the pavement

It's sunday again in beautiful, windy and quite rainy Reykjavík.
My friends and I ended up cancelling our planned trip for this weekend again since the weather really is not our friend at the moment. We've been experiencing the classical Icelandic weather: It literally, and I am not exaggerating with this, changes every 10 minutes! Today as an example we've had sun, rainstorm, sun, hale, snowstorm, sun, cloudy, hale etc. But next weekend we'll hopefully finally get our chance to go! :)
Thursday I was with a housemate and friend at a cozy concert at Café Rosenberg, the main band playing was Hymnalaya. It's a band of approximately 8 members and the instruments go from piano, violin to drum and tuba. They were great on stage and played really well together. Actually just all the Icelanders here seem to talented musicians and finding a band playing at any given evening during the week is not a problem at all. 
For making up that we had to cancel our weekend trip again we decided to rent a car for Friday and went to Hverargerđi, about an hour drive away from Reykjavík. We hiked up a mountain there for taking a bath in the famous hot rivers. There are just hot springs coming up from the mountain and they are forming a small river where you can easily just lay around and enjoy the nature in it's purest form. Snowy mountains around you, the grey sky above you, the warm water hugging your body and lots of sand in the bikini...But it was truly enjoyable. The hike was a lot of fun, just in the snow covered mountains and suddenly seeing some green field (real green) with grass growing because it was surrounded by many big hot springs. Those were just bubbling dangerously and blessing us with the sweet smell of rotten eggs. It was like a scene from another planet, only things you actually see on TV usually but here they are real. 
After the hike we drove to Selfoss where we had great pasta and some of the best cake I've ever had in my life. From there we continued to see the volcanic crater Keriđ. It was mainly covered in snow so we couldn't see the famous turquoise and red colors of the earth in it. And unfortunately there won't be a next time because Iceland started since yesterday now charging tourists a small fee for the main natural sights (geysir, gulfoss etc.) here. I sort of don't want to pay for that, so I'll just have to come after the closing hours and climb over the fence as we did on Friday. ;)

Saturday was spent hanging out with a friend in coffee places and walking around. In the evening we had the great plan of finally going out partying since be both hadn't been able to do it for being sick here a lot. And this is how the embarrassing story of me starts on the attempt of going out. I was excited about the night and when I left the house to go downtown I was just happily walking down the street and...fell. Like on the gif below....I'm just minding my own business, walking of course very gracefully as you can see below and fall! Thank goodness nobody else was there to witness this special moment in my life and I had a good laugh at myself. My knee unfortunately didn't like this stunt at all and I knew I just had killed my hopes of being able to dance that night. Good start, eh? :D Oh, and I wasn't even wearing high heels.

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-17297-1368614295-2_zps71b612fc.gif
My friend and I then pretty much spent walking from one place to another hoping to find something fun but somehow we were never really fully satisfied with what we saw in the bars (mainly techno playing this time). And it was pouring outside. So we just walked around the center, got almost in between two fist fights (there were literally beating each other's faces bloody with their bare fists) happening only 2m away from us and were laughing at our luck for not finding anything we liked on the night we actually really wanted to go party. :) We decided to give it a try again another night since there were long lines for everything by now, 2am, and we didn't like the idea of standing outside in the pouring rain. We had fun anyways.
Today I woke up to realising how much junk I actually have here with me and have to get that stuff back home in exactly two months. I came here with a full suitcase! How the heck am I supposed to manage that?! Why do I own things? So what do you do when panic kicks in? Meet friends and have sushi! We went to this one place here where it was served on the train system so you had constantly delicious sushi pieces moving in front of your eyes, like in heaven! A small plate of those sushi plates cost between 230-490ISK, so very good prized. There was even chocolate pudding as desert!
This was for this week. I'm already waiting for Tuesday since then the big concert with Björk and the others will be and Friday we'll hopefully get on our long awaited road trip. :)

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