Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Rest for the Wicked

A small quick (as if my posts were ever small) post about this week.
The big highlight: Seeing Björk, Patti Smith, Lykke Li, Of Monsters and Men live on Tuesday! That was an experience. Björk opened the whole show and she was fantastic, great and awkward. Patti Smith was by my own and everyone's opinion the true star of that evening. She really rocked that stage and was just amazing! Unfortunately she only played 4 songs I could have listened to her longer. Lykke Li was good too, but nothing compared to Patti Smith. Of Monsters and Men did disappoint us with only playing 2 songs while all the other bands played 3-5 songs! But they were good nevertheless. Between the big shots we had smaller Icelandic bands as Mammút, Samaris, Highlands and Retro Stefson. Retro Stefson was the last one and the singer just took the stage to his own and the audience. Even if you don't like their music, go see them live, they put so much energy into it and you can see how they enjoy it. And all of the stars from that evening came to the stage during their last song and they had a big fun party on stage. That's not something you see everyday. :) 
The concert was actually a fundraiser for saving Icelandic nature since politicians are being politicians here and planning on destroying some unique nature here for building a powerplant and putting it all under water. For energy that Iceland doesn't even need. Hello, greed...
Monday I went after class with some classmates to Yo Yo's ice cream parlour. I think I found heaven or that's what heaven hopefully looks like. You can make your own ice cream cup! You take a cup and just put all of the ice cream flavors you want in it (you do it all on your own), then you have a huge choice of cookie and chocolate pieces, smarties, fruits and sauces that you can spice it up with.  
Chocolate and orange ice cream with kiwis, smarties, Oreos and and chocolate sauce.
So you can completely on your own decide what your ice cream cup is going to be like! Best part, if the price goes over 799ISK you don't pay more than 799ISK, so just fill it all up!  This is going to be so bad for my hips and pocketbook... :D
Yesterday I was with one of my housemates swimming in the oldest public pool in Reykjavík, Sundholl. It's really close to where we live. And it's truly the oldest, it feels like you went back in time to the 1930s when entering it. They still have the same lockers and everything, nothing much seems to have changed. I actually swum for the first time in years since my surgery about 10 laps and after that we hang out in the hot tubs outside where you also got a water massage to your back and feet. I actually used it for my right knee since I ran the day before and the muscles were hard again, so I had a nice massage from the water hose and everything was fine. :) The way we described content-selfs when coming out: "Soft". That was really the best way to describe it, happy and soft.
My big achievement this week: I ran 10min non-stop on the treadmill on the speed of 8.5km/h! I know it's really slow for you guys but for me it's a huge achievement, especially the 10 minutes. It feels great...and I'm in fucking pain but it's worth it. :D

And last here's Lykke Li's newest song, we were the first one's to hear it Tuesday night.

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