Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh March, thou are a heartless bitch...

Warning: This is not going to be a fun read.
I'm already half way done. Only 2 months and 1 week are left, of that only 4 more weeks of university. Time has flown by so quickly and March is only enhancing the feeling that time is rushing past you and leaves you wondering what happened to the past weeks, months and especially years. I have to confess: I hate the month of March. I've been dreading this month for the past 5 years now and each year I can feel my powerless towards time becoming greater. The clock keeps on ticking, the seasons keep on changing, times goes on. It doesn't matter if we like it or not. It goes on, inevitably. During March I wish I could stop time, just make the clocks stop or even rewind them. Because there are things in the past you wish had never happened or at least that time didn't keep on moving so mercilessly so it wouldn't feel like the gap is getting any wider than it already is. It's the desperate attempt of believing that it never happened, the disbelief to the fact that the world really keeps on turning no matter what happens and who is left behind. And with that the guilt for those who keep on running with the clock grows.
I don't think I would want to stay forever in Iceland though I absolutely love it but right now I wish I had so much more time to be here. So many more trips I want to do. So many more moments I just want to gaze at the city from the roof top or be amazed by this unique nature. But seen from the positive side: It gives me a great reason to come back again many times and explore more of this astonishing country! :)
What I've been up to lately: A friend from Finland/Germany came to see me and we've been mainly in Reykjavík because Iceland decided to be on its worst manner and give as snowstorms during the past weekend! So our South-trip had to be cancelled and had the pleasure of fighting my way to class and back home on Monday in a heavy rainstorm, including heavy rain and heavy wind combined (only idiots would try to use an umbrella then)...Wet jeans for the win! Today we went to the National Museum of Iceland and I loved it. It was very interesting to hear about Iceland's history and they had also an exhibition of female Icelandic photographers from many centuries. I definitely have to go the Photography Museum here and check them out more. Oh yes, during the weekend we also celebrated a friend's birthday/women's-day and were at the Reykjavík Folk Festival. Both things were great fun and got to hear different types of Icelandic folk music. On Monday we celebrated a housemate's birthday with tacos and pizza (don't ask).
Oh, and I still have been sick and went to the doctor and tests but they couldn't find anything! No virus, no bacteria, no nothing. Advice from the doctor: "Just rest and drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate". Permission to drink lots of hot chocolate, yea! :D And I got at least to see an Icelandic hospital from the inside.
That's pretty much it. Sorry, I've been pretty boring lately but content. Though definitely ready to get out of the city again. I start to get itchy feet if I stay more than one weekend in the capital. Hopefully our next weekend trip will work out. Or you'll just find me driving through a snowstorm anyway stubbornly because I just want to get out of the city and end up stuck at a cottage in the middle of nowhere for a couple of days. :D (let's not hope so)
Thor! He's teeny tiny!

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