Monday, February 3, 2014

Almost gone with the wind

Last week was rather quiet since I caught the flue or a rather unpleasant cold, as you probably figured out from my latest blog where I was just feeling sorry for myself. I had fever, muscle pains, knee pains, a running nose, couch, stiff neck, etc. you name it. On Tuesday I crawled then to the nearest pharmacy I knew and asked the clerk there to give me strongest couch medicine they have. He gave me some random bottle with just Icelandic on it. But hey, if a handsome Icelandic guy tells you to drink from a bottle of whose content you have no clue 3-5 times a day, then you'll of course do as he says. ;) (that stuff is actually pretty good)
Fortunately I didn't die as opposed to my wish last Monday and I do feel much better though I'm still coughing like a 90-year old who smoked for 100 years.
So last week was really uneventful since I didn't go to class until Wednesday and I only have two classes on Wednesdays (of which one I skipped) and one on Thursdays. Fridays are always off. Wooo! But I got to read a lot and watch Scrubs. That's always good.
It snowed on Thursday and everything was pretty for 3 hours, then the snow had already melted again and turned into ice on the streets. But on Thursdays the Lebowski Bar in town has a Movie-Quiz going on and I went there with a few housemates and other people I know. You had to guess a bunch of different movies from just seeing a small scene or part of the movie poster etc. It was great fun and I'll definitely go there again! Though I definitely knew way too many movies there and made me worry about my social life history. :D And my throat felt after an evening at the bar like the Sahara itself....
Friday I and two other exchange students had been invited for dinner at my mentor's and her boyfriend's place. The food was incredibly good with sweet potatoes, some Mexican cheese, mushrooms, and other things I had no idea what they were but they were delicious! And it was an overall a fun evening. I hit the jackpot with my mentor I'd say. :)

Saturday my housemates and I hit the road again. This time to the south of Iceland. Luckily we got the day where was a big storm warning and that storm was actually real. So strong wind all the time but it was a fun experience. We went first so Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall. It's one of the best known waterfalls in Iceland and it's truly beautiful. One special thing about it is that you can actually walk behind it. It's funny how none of us thought that you could actually get wet when going behind a waterfall but after we were soaking wet it made perfectly sense. Thank god, I had my waterproof outdoor clothes on (though I put them on so I wouldn't get cold...).
Our next stop was Skógafoss. Another waterfall! Iceland is kinda full of waterfalls. It's situated by the cliffs of the former coastline. So you can walk there where hundreds of years ago used to be only the Atlantic. It's as well one of the biggest ones and legend says that the first Viking settler Þrasi Þórólfsson hid a treasure behind it but nobody so far has found that treasure. There was a staircase going besides the waterfall up the cliffs and from up there you had a magnificent view over the landscapes. And nothing for anybody who's scared of heights. But I am scared of heights and I went up there because I'm just dumb like that! But it was worth it. :) You see the wast emptiness of the land and the untouched nature. Since there are no trees anywhere in sight you can see incredibly far and it gives you some kind of respect to your surroundings. Next we came to Dyrhólaey, the place everybody always sees on the postcards and travel books from Iceland. It's with the famous cliffs and rock formations right by the Atlantic. And I have to say it was breathtaking! Not only because the wind was going probably something like 30m/s, tried to push you off the cliffs (literally) and made it impossible to open the car door on certain moments. But because it is so incredibly beautiful especially if there is a storm going and the waves of the Atlantic or so big and powerful. You have there nature in its purest form. The colors, the smells, the sounds...everything is just unbelievable. A place I can highly recommend and will have to come back to! After this we went to Vík and looked at the black beaches there and the Reynisdrangar. The famous rock formations of which is said that those were actually two trolls dragging a three-masted ship to land but then the sun came up and they turned into stone. Because trolls turn into stone when touched by the sunlight. As the final stop we went to a huge lavafield and you can't even see the volcano who caused it because it's so far away. So that eruption back in the 18th century was quite a big one. Good thing I wasn't back then in Iceland.
(text continues after pictures)


And now something for a good laugh: One of my housemates and I decided on knitting our own lopapeysas (Icelandic sweaters)! We should start this weekend. Looking at the instructions I feel more like "Good lord, why the hell did I ever think this could be remotely easy?!". But now it's out there and I have to do it! I have to proof to you, my anonymous readers, that I will actually finish this plan of mine.

I think this was all for day. I should write more because here's so much to tell and I really do enjoy writing this here. Yay or nay? :)

Are you done laughing yet?

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