Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lazy sunday with fake blueberries

This time I'm trying to make a shorter post since the last was quite long and else I might forget again half of the things I want to write about. No, I'm not becoming old. :P
After a couple of weekends travelling around I had the chance again to spent the whole weekend in Reykjavík and just calm down again for a while. This week's highlights were definitely the concert on Thursday night by Árstiđir, an Icelandic folk band who are one of the best live bands I have ever seen. They were incredibly energetic, dynamic and in total harmony with each other. The music made you want to move, to run, to jump, to go as fast as possible, to feel live in each pore of your body. The band members were quite cool, they were making jokes of each other and just drinking wine in the breaks of the songs. It was actually a rehearsal, so that might explain the relaxed atmosphere. One of my favourite jokes was when the violin player came to play for one song the piano and concluded after playing that one song to the pianist: "Playing the piano is so easy! You just touch a key and you get sound. But a violin is much more delicate and needs lots of practice. You even can put your beer somewhere while playing!"
Pianist replies: "I've got another joke. Why does the violin player stand outside his house in the rain? Because he can't find the key and never knows when to get in." And 1-0 to the pianist! :D
The rest of the week went rather calmly, what I actually enjoy a lot for the moment.
I watched the ice hockey Sweden-Finland game with a bunch of other people in the student bar. And just had a lovely Sunday today with a feeling of peace and happiness. I got to sleep in and went to the center with a housemate just to hang out. Bought more wool for my sweater and a pattern, we went to a nice new café, to the harbour and we just enjoyed the bright sun warming our faces. It was a windstill day so we actually just sat a while in a park and enjoyed the sun embracing us, we didn't even get cold. One of the greatest feelings in the world.
At home then I decided to make muffins of the disgusting blueberries I had bought a while ago, or at least I thought they were blueberries. As the muffins were in the oven I finally bothered to check the word on the package of the berries and it turns out they were crowberries!  Never tasted them before. According to wikipedia they are super berries with lots of vitamin C and antioxidants, and the Sami and Inuit eat them a lot.....but they are just freaking bitter and tasteless. Lesson learned, bother to translate what you are actually putting in your mouth, especially if it tastes bad.  :D The muffins are hiding the taste a bit of the berries.....
The rest was then just knitting. :)
It seems that once again I wrote more than I had planned...

Let's end this Sunday with some beautiful Icelandic music! Since I didn't really take pictures in the last few days....

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