Friday, February 7, 2014

Confession of a globetrotter

I seem to have caused some confusion on Facebook today with selling my return ticket from the 20th of May, so let's make a few things straight. :)
I'm selling the ticket because I'll be coming back already a few days earlier (contract ends plus other obligations waiting on the mainland). But really people, stop believing that I plan on staying here forever. Because I am not.
What I want to do is to return to Turku. Please don't get me wrong, I love Reykjavík and Iceland. The Icelanders are a lovely bunch of people and I have to dedicate an entire post later only to their craziness. I don't regret coming here but Iceland has taught me one beautiful and painful thing: I love my life in Finland because I do have for the first time in forever a settled down life. I have friends I have known for more than only 6 months, I've lived in one apartment for more than a year, I've been working at the same job for almost a year and will continue there, and I'm actually on my way on finishing an university degree. I miss things from there. I miss you, my friends. Sorry for being such a clown all the time and never showing/saying that out loud. But now you know, if I'm pulling jokes again that means actually "I love you". Like right now. :D
I miss my tiny apartment even though on the last few days there all I wanted to do was to burn it down. I miss my workplace with the endless laughs and my mental breakdowns in the freezers. I miss  the university with it's shitty buildings but wonderful corners to sit down with friends between classes and have a cup of tea. I miss the tiny city of Turku with its beautiful river, even though you constantly have to fear that you'll run into your exes around the next corner and take a jump into the river. I miss  my bike with which I could just get anywhere I wanted anytime and run late anyway all the time.
So, I've come to the point where I actually have to admit: Turku has become my home. Probably not for the next 60 years but for right now it's my home to which I'll more than happily return after my wonderful adventure here in Iceland. :)

Sorry, I'm coming back, you'll have to deal with me for a couple more years. :P
Maailman toisella puolen, mutta tulen takaisin :)

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