Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hattivatti and lost in Borgarnes

Finally a post again! And this is going to be a long one since I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks and a lot has happened in the meanwhile, so prepare yourself mentally. ;)

The things I have been up to:
I went on Tuesday a week ago to the Búri Caves, a lava tunnel somewhere in South Iceland. They said people with knee problems shouldn't come, I thought "How bad can it be? Plus I'm officially without knee problems according to the doctor.". was fucking hell. The beginning was pretty, we came into the cave and everything was covered in ice stalagmites and stalactites (know the difference between those two? ;)). It looked exactly like I was surrounded by hundreds of hattivatti/hattifatteners. And since the stalagmites and stalactites were out of ice you can of course conclude that the rocks down there were all covered in pure ice. So almost half of the journey had to be done crawling over those or sliding down with your butt. After a certain time period that felt like forever we finally came to an area only covered in gigantic rocks, so we climbed over them. Then again after a while we finally came into the actual lava tunnel. It was quite impressive to see and to walk there where the lava had once been flowing, we saw melted stones and the tracks of the lava in the walls. As a reward for this whole trip my right knee was pretty much only blue and hurting a lot. And I found some really pretty bruises on my butt too. :D
Since my camera wouldn't take any pictures in the absolut darkness here is a picture of hattivatti:
After that my next adventure started with finally going to the doctor last week on Thursday. A constant sore throat and a nasty cough had been bugging me for already 3 weeks, and after taking a look into my mouth and seeing my tonsils I figured it might be a good idea. Going to a doctor here in Iceland is easy, you just go to our health care center before 4pm if you want to see someone right away. When I got into the health care center I was confronted with signs in only Icelandic and a bunch of arrows showing into all possible directions. Two really old Icelandic women chitchatting with each other saw my confusion and one came over and started talking in Iceland:
Old nice lady: *says something in Icelandic*
Confused me: Ég tala ekki íslensku. 
Old nice lady: Doctor?
Confused me: Já!
Old nice lady shoved me into the floor to my right. :D
After getting myself registered into the system and waiting for 45min I finally saw a doctor, she saw a clear case of tonsillitis ("Usually we have to test for the bacteria. But you've had this for over 3 weeks, I hear your voice and see your tonsils. We don't have to test you." her words) and prescribed me antibiotics. Here they just send an electronic prescription to all the pharmacies and you can pick it up anywhere you want to. 
So way to go me, I haven't been even two months here and already my forth week of being sick, of course I get all the funny diseases when going abroad. ;) And I know now that I'm slightly allergic to penicillin. I've got a really pretty red itchy rash on my right leg, with the remaining bruises it looks so incredibly sexy. :D (sorry no pictures of that one coming)

Next on last week's list was the arrival of two friends from Finland! Weeee! We went out to eat in Fish and Chips by the harbour in the evening and I really enjoyed the food, excellent fish and salad. :)  The next morning I was once again time to hit the road, this time to Snaefellsness. We had rented a cottage there close by to Grundarfjörđur. The drive to there was lovely, we came over the mountains so those were as always stunning, literally iceblue in a different world. The evening we spent in the cottage with the best curry I've ever had, Finnish pancakes by me and when the Finns from the cottage right next to us came hang out later on we saw finally some northern lights! The most beautiful so far. Since we're in the middle of nowhere we could see them without any other lights and it was amazing. They were green, pink, a bit of red and dancing so fast! It was a great show. :) The next day we took a drive around the whole Snaefellsness peninsula, climbed up the carter Saxhóll and just enjoyed the untouched nature. Plus I managed to get us for a short time lost in Borgarnes...something you have to manage, get yourself lost in a town of 1700 people. :D  But we got to see a nice sunset, so it was worth getting lost. 
Tuesday we did the Golden Circle, for my friends from Finland quite amazing, I already find other spots in Iceland way more beautiful. But I purchased a great road atlas of whole Iceland! It's kinda ridiculous how excited I am about a road atlas...but it's awesome! Really!
And in case if you are wondering "Man, she always writes about her trips etc but not much about school, does she do anything there?". The answer is: Well...I'm somewhat behind but still going to classes and handing in essays somewhat on time. I made a new record: Writing a 5 page essay within 3 hours on the day it was due.
Next you have a picture of my lopapeysa, or the start of it. Every other human being would choose a neutral color like black, white or grey but of course I am the one again with the weird taste and chose turquoise. It's not like you can spot me already many kilometers way when wearing my purple outdoor jacket....
This is my lopi so far, proof that I am actually knitting it! :)

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