Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer on the big demon

Hardly anyone is reading this blog anymore, but let's finish this project anyway. Only 3 weeks are left after all. :D
The past week was definitely the week of public holidays. Easter was here and Iceland is apparently as strict in celebrating it as the Swiss and Germans. That means that many places were closed on Thursday before Easter, almost everything was closed on Long Friday, everything was open again on Saturday, almost absolutely everything was closed on Easter Sunday and half of the shops were open again on Easter Monday. I had a great friend visiting me from back home over Easter and we just spent 5 days being a lazy bunch. Good food, walking around town, hiding from the I-change-every-10-minutes-Icelandic-weather (including hale and snow), more food, Sherlock, Golden Circle, Hrúnalaug, shopping and Blue Lagoon. It was a fun long weekend and just great showing everything here in Reykjavík. The guest of course fell in love with Hrúnalaug and we were so lucky that we were the only people there, only two Icelandic girls showed up when we thought about leaving anyway.
And if you thought it was only a joke that the weather in Iceland can change every 10 minutes, it is true. We literally had the weather going like this every 10min: sun, hale, sun, snow, hale, rain, snow, rain, snow, hale, sun, snow, sun, hale. But then another public holiday came and the weather changed: The 1st Thursday after April 18th is considered to be the first day of Summer here and it's a public holiday were most places are closed and people get drunk as shit the night before with their friends. It comes from the old Norse calendar that only had two seasons, summer and winter. Which I think is still true in most Nordic countries in my opinion. ;)

On this day we also had the last field trip with one of my courses. We went down South were the famous Njal and Gunnar used to live from Njal's Saga. You kinda understood why Gunnar while gazing upon the landscapes decided not to leave Iceland forever and return instead (to be killed, actually, but let's ignore that little fact). Iceland is just beautiful. :)
A funny story which is typical for Icelanders: We wanted to go the Saga museum down South but our teachers forgot that everything was of course closed on that day. (Same teacher cancelled another field trip because he noticed the night before it that it's too bothersome to organise it) So he just called some number and suddenly some Icelandic guy looking like Einstein came running and opened it for us. Welcome to Iceland. Nothing is impossible here and nothing requires any kind of logic.
We also climbed up Stóri Dímon, big demon, the weird rock in the middle of nowhere close to Seljalandsfoss. I still hate mountains and my knee hates them too, but we had a beautiful view from up there with the weather really being like summer on the first day of summer here (sunshine and 9°C, wooo!).
Else I've had my first two out of three exams here. One could have gone better and one went really well. The weather has been great now with almost constant sunshine over the day and temperatures between 5-10°C. The trees are also slowly remembering what the color green looks like.
Otherwise I've been hanging out with friends and enjoying my last few weeks here, less then 3 weeks left actually. That's all for today! Now I'll go enjoy the beautiful sun and some music below there for you guys! :)

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