Saturday, November 23, 2013

A room and weight

So this week we got the passwords from Haskoli Islands (University of Iceland) to apply for our rooms in different guesthouses. The university doesn't seem to have a dorm and therefore Reykjavik has a bunch of guesthouses or privat people renting out rooms. And I have to say: Getting a room for the spring semester in Reykjavik seems to be quite easy or I'm really the luckiest girl in the world. I started sending out requests around 11am and by 1:30pm I already had a room and later on that evening about 4 more offers!
So now I'm having a room in the old part of Reykjavik just 500m away from the famous Hallgrimskirja in a guesthouse! I have no idea how many other people will live there but we'll see that then. According to their website the guesthouse looks really nice and the rooms seems to be quite cute. And price is good too, 58'000ISK/month, which is about 350€/month, including everything. I'm excited and I hope it will be good. :)

And one thing I just realized last night: Since I'm single right now.... I can actually gain weight in Iceland! :D
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person being on exchange, will gain weight (whoever knows from what book the first part of the sentence comes from will receive a postcard in January ;)).
But it is really a fact that most exchange students (especially during high school) will gain weight. It's the stress with the new environment and new food. I gained in the States 5-6kg (a bit was muscles, woo!). And hey, since I'm a happy single now and don't have anyone at home waiting for me to come back and who I want to impress.....I can eat! As much as I want to! Icelandic food! Rotten....ahem...fermented shark and sheep's head! I can roll now happily through the Icelandlic landscape. :)

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